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A think-and-do tank for market-based approaches to environmental challenges

The Environmental Markets Lab (emLab) is an interdisciplinary team of scientists based at the University of California Santa Barbara that conducts cutting-edge, data-driven research on the power, limitations, and design of market-based approaches to tackle the world's most pressing environmental problems. In collaboration with implementing partners, we aim to better align environmental objectives and economic incentives in support of sustainable livelihoods and a resilient planet. 

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Leveraging our diverse expertise, we generate timely insights into effective and equitable solutions for Climate & Energy, Land & Freshwater, Ocean & Fisheries, and People & Poverty.

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Tia Kordell
General, People & Poverty
General, Land & Freshwater



The economics of saignée in winemaking

Costello et. al 2023, Journal of Wine Economics

Sunflower-associated reductions in varroa mite infestation of honey bee colonies

Palmer-Young et al. 2022, Journal of Economic Entomology

Toward a low-carbon transition in India

Deshmukh and Chatterjee 2022, Science Magazine

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